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High quality wools. Our wools come from England, Ireland, Japan, South America, as well as Germany and Switzerland.

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  • Boutique tricot à Lausanne - Commerce équitable

    Ethics and Fair Trade

    We favor brands that have social and environmental projects, like certain South American brands whose profits allow people to work in good conditions.

  • Boutique Tricot à Lausanne - Méditation & Yoga des mains

    Knitting therapy

    Knitting is good for your health . Knitting helps you think more clearly, organize your thoughts and be more focused. It’s brain yoga. Knitting is IN!

  • Mulesing Free Logo


    We are sensitive to animal welfare and in favor of banning practices that contribute to animal suffering. We are against "mulesing" and are gradually removing from our range manufacturers who still practice these horrors on herds.

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