Knitting clinic

Need help with a knitting project?

Do you have knitting projects started that you no longer know how to resume? Something you don't understand? Or do you need help understanding a knitting pattern?

The knitting clinic is here for you!

Time and location

Every Saturday morning between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m., come to the shop ( avenue d'Echallens 4A, 1004 Lausanne) with your project and our knitting expert will be there to help.


The knitting clinic is free ! (free participation accepted ;)

No matter where the wool comes from or the model, Tricot-T is there to help you out and help you get back on track with your work in progress.


Complete this form to register by entering the date of the Saturday you wish to come. By registering, you will have priority in case of crowds at the clinic.

You can also come without an appointment if you wish.


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